Spotify, the escape continues: even Mignano leaves

There are at least three excellent starts that Spotify has had to collect in recent months: the most recent, effective from the end of June, is that of Michael MignanoSpotify’s chief technical officer of podcasting.

Mignano was one of the founders of Anchor, a do-it-yourself podcast distribution company acquired in 2019 by Spotify for 150 million dollars in order to expand its portfolio of proposals which in fact has gone from 1 to 4 million podcasts. 85% of which is uploaded through Anchor, a platform chosen in a more general context by one in four users for the creation of new content.

Mignano became a leading figure in the podcasting business immediately after the acquisition after about 3 years at the helm of this sector he decided to leave the company. The announcement of the manager’s departure follows those of Lydia Polgreen and Courtney Holt, the former director of Gimlet Media (another podcasting company acquired by Spotify around the same time as Anchor), the second head of the video business and studios of registration.

Credits opening image: Pixabay

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