Spotify is back in the car with a whole new Car Mode | Android test

The Car View of Spotify And back, and it’s all new – starting with the name, what time it is Car Mode: streaming platform started i public tests. In the past few hours, the first reports have appeared on Android, while on iOS for now everything is silent. There is no need to sign up for a specific Beta program – apparently the regular app asks some users if they want to try the new feature when it notices that the smartphone is connected to a car via Bluetooth.

Where Car View, retired about four months ago, was a single screen, Car Mode is organized into three tabs just like in the regular interface: Home and Library are the same, although all elements are larger and there are fewer per page. , in order to make exploration easier with a very quick glance, while instead of Search we have a tab dedicated to voice commands. Finally, the real player: as you can imagine, here too the commands are reduced to a minimum (forward, backward, play / pause, shuffle, like, voice commands) and large for maximum convenience.

Towards the end of 2021 Spotify had decided to retire Car View in a rather … strange way, let’s say, without immediately offering an alternative and making some vague promise of a return in better shape. The decision had not been much appreciated by the public, but at least we know that it was not just words in the wind. Now it remains to be seen how long the testing period will last and if there will be any substantial changes between now and the stable / official release. We have done some quick tests but we haven’t received anything yet despite the app being updated to the latest version via Play Store; you have you had more luck?

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