Spotify Blend, the playlist in which you find yourself (or not) similar, now accepts up to 10 users

Seven months after the introduction, Spotify brings to Blend playlist a change that will please more than one. Until now it was only possible to invite one person, but now the limit has been extended to 10 users. The news immediately affects Italy too.

In parallel, the streaming platform introduced the opportunity to create one Blend playlist for two with artists selected: BTS, Charli XCX, JO1, Kacey Musgraves, Lauv, Megan Thee Stallion, BE: FIRST, Mimi Webb, NiziU, Tai Verdes, Xamã, Camilo, Diplo, Angèle, Badshah, Kim Loaiza, CRO, Benjamin Ingrosso, Bennett Coast, AB6IX (links leading to a Blend only from mobile). The result is playlists if we want less interesting than those made with friends, relatives and acquaintances, but for someone it can be a nice way to discover the level of affinity with one of these artists.

After all, it is precisely with this intent that Spotify created the Blend playlists in mid-2021, that is for find out the level of musical affinity with other users of the platform (not just Premium) and to have one common playlist in which Spotify inserts a series of songs taken from each one’s library. In short, pure music sharing, only the traces they are not manually selected by users but by Spotify.

Until yesterday you could only get a Blend playlist with another user, from today the roof has been extended to 10 users. The function also generates stories to be able to share on social networks with the degree of musical affinity in percentage between oneself and the user or users who are part of the Blend.

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