SoundCloud, the next hits discover artificial intelligence

Musical hits have always been built around the table, trying to play with those structures that work commercially – some fixed, others variable depending on the historical moment. And in fact, the catchphrases end up looking very similar. SoundCloud it is a space invaded by emerging music, and it is not easy to be able to identify and promote those songs that have potential.

For this reason the company acquired Musiioa company that deals with artificial intelligence and in particular to develop algorithms capable of listening to music by identifying the one that is most likely to be successful. SoundCloud explains that the instruments developed by Musiio, and which from now on he will be able to use, are able to quickly sift through huge quantities of musical pieces, then selecting within this mare magnum those they present patterns and characteristics similar to the hits of the moment.

Musiio’s technology focuses on B2B (AI able to “listen” to music) audio reference research, automatic tagging and playlist generation tools used in the music industry. SoundCloud is about one technology capable of amplifying the intelligence within the platform and identifying future musical trends.

But as Musiio’s instrument is illustrated, there seems to be the risk of creating a vicious circle so musical trends tend to crystallize more than they do, with a present that spins around itself more than towards the future. It must also be taken into account, however, that it is above all a question of “accelerating” dynamics that are not extraneous to the sector, but rather already largely govern the upper segments of the global market.

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