Sony’s next smartphone camera sensor will be gigantic

Sony has already amply demonstrated that one of the aspects of the standard equipment of smartphones to which it gives more importance is the photographic sector – see. for example the standard equipment of the Xperia PRO models. The rumors on the development of a new camera sensor with record numbers.

Second Digital Chat Station, often well-informed source on the affairs of Asian manufacturers, Sony is developing a 50MP sensor measuring well 1 / 1.1 “. If the information is correct, it could conquer the sensor scepter (for smartphones) with the largest dimensions, even surpassing Samsung’s GN2 (50MP, 1 / 1.12 “) integrated in the Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

Confirmations and other details on the component are missing, but it is rumored that it could be the Exmor IMX800 and that the first smartphone to use it will be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. According to the latest rumors, it is expected in May and will have a rear camera including three other modules (2 canvases with 48MP sensor and a 10x periscope lens with 48MP sensor).

It is well known that the quality of the camera is not strictly dependent on the record numbers of the data sheet, but when we consider the size of the sensor and that of the individual pixels then things change. With the same number of MegaPixels, a sensor of larger dimensions will tend to be able to produce shots characterized by less digital noise and a wider dynamic range, net of the interventions carried out by the image processor (hardware and software). Sony seems to continue to follow this path – increasing the size of the sensor without exaggerating with the MPs – which on the other hand calls smartphone manufacturers to the not simple challenge of integration into the body. It is no coincidence that the rumors about Xiaomi 12 Ultra refer to a rear camera module that does not go unnoticed.

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