Sony Xperia 1 IV will arrive in May: as it will be according to the first rumors

After Xperia Pro-I that Sony launched in October, it’s time for the men of the Japanese company to think about the next top of the range. Not a substitute for the amazing smartphone with one-inch sensor “stolen” from the popular compacts of the RX 100 range, but a top of the range by the price human less prohibitive that it collects the legacy of that Xperia 1 III made official in June (and that we have tried here).

According to information gleaned from a Chinese whistleblower, Sony Xperia 1 IV or mark 4 it should be presented in May, so one month ahead of its predecessor. However, the launch event may not match the availability in the destination markets, as was the case with the current generation which in Italy for example was available for pre-order starting from 15 July to then reach customers in the following weeks.

And if the presence in the engine room of the last born of Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is obvious, on the other items of the technical sheet the choices are less obvious. Here is what was collected by ZackBucks:

There is nothing else for the moment, but in the light of philosophy Sony has made smartphones with so far, some choices are likely to flow from the current design to the next. For example the 21: 9 format display with 4K resolution, therefore quite narrower, elongated and defined than the competition. Most likely it will continue to not integrate a fingerprint reader and will once again have an input for the 3.5mm audio jack, despite the fact that the market has been moving in the opposite direction for years.

However, Sony’s smartphone division has long shown itself to be insensitive to fashions, to which he prefers rationality: the approach is unlikely to change with the Xperia 1 IV.

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