Sony still extends the boycott to Russia: stop cinema, TV and streaming

Sony has now stopped all its entertainment-related activities in Russia following the invasion of Ukraine: it had started with the interruption of the release in cinemas of Morbius, the new Marvel film, and during the weekend it announced that it had also blocked the home entertainment and streaming circuit. In concrete terms, it means that the new Spider-Man: No Way Home is not coming, that all TV distribution deals are no longer valid, and that its anime-focused streaming service, Crunchyroll, is no longer accessible.

The news is official: it was reported by Variety shortly after that of the stop to the gaming division – both for the sale of consoles, accessories and other hardware and for the sale of video games, even in digital format. “We side with the many companies around the world that have put their activities in Russia on hold, and with the humanitarian actions currently underway in Ukraine and the surrounding region,” said the spokesmen of the Japanese giant. “Our prayers and thoughts are directed to the people involved in the conflict and we hope that a peaceful solution can soon be found.”

Sony, which also has donated $ 2 million to the United Nations organization that deals with the management of refugees, it is not the only one in the sector to have suspended relations with the nation ruled by Putin. Amazon, Netflix and Warner have taken similar measures. Disney has also halted theatrical releases, closed digital channels and platforms, and physical stores and attractions – although it hasn’t fired any Russian employees.

However, Russia does not intend to stand by: the Kremlin is considering seize all assets – factories, shops, offices, equipment, machinery …) of companies that leave it and nationalize them or have them run by Russian companies to continue working.

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