Sony responds to Microsoft and buys Bungie, the studio behind Halo and Destiny

Another surprise shot shakes the gaming market: In fact, Sony has just announced the acquisition of Bungie, the historic studio that created Halo (in the hands of 343 Industries for some time), the iconic franchise of Xbox, and Destiny. The transaction figures are equal to 3.6 billion dollars: numbers very far from the almost 70 billion dollars put on the table by Microsoft to incorporate the giant Activision-Blizzard.

But Sony’s response acts on a symbolic level, establishing a very close link with a reality that in the common imagination was associated – and rightly so – with the highest points of the Xbox universe. Also because Bungie was not born within Microsoft, no, but in that context it has taken decisive steps and has grown a lot, becoming part of the Redmond Game Division in 2000, during the gestation of the first Halo, and then exiting it in 2007.


The president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan illustrated the scope of the operation in an official statement released on the PlayStation Blog (find the link in SOURCE). And immediately comes the answer to the question that everyone, upon hearing the news, has asked themselves: Bungie, which has just turned 30 (and whose history we have retraced in our dedicated special) “it will remain an independent, multi-platform studio and publisher“. No exclusivity, then: Destiny fans can rest assured, they can continue to have fun even on Microsoft consoles. And future projects will also follow this logic, it seems.

Even Sony, like Microsoft (which, however, has yet to explain in detail how it will manage the Activision-Blizzard and Bethesda franchises), therefore decides to expand its portfolio without penalizing the acquired companies by cutting them out of the rest of the market, preferring instead to keep a business effective and based on the creation of cross-platform titles. We will see if this attitude will constitute only a first phase of adjustment of a broader process, or if it will remain intact over time.

A line that also confirms Bungie, on its official website:

We remain advocates of our own destiny, we will continue to creatively publish and develop our games independently. We will continue to lead a unified Bungie community. Our games will continue to be where our community is, wherever fans choose to play.

So what will change? Everything like before? Obviously not. Only time will help us to understand the effects of this acquisition in a concrete way, but in the meantime, indications are coming from Bungie on what the immediate changes will be. And they look like good news, for everyone:

With the support of SIE, the most immediate change you will see will be an acceleration in the recruitment of talent to support our ambitious vision.

Surely the world of video games in the last year has been shaken by an important earthquake that is redefining its relationships and geographies. And it could be just the beginning.


Sony places the bang, and what’s better than a Twitch live a few hours after the news to comment hot, all together, the acquisition of Bungie? Nothing comes to mind: if you have any ideas, instead, write them in chat during the live show. In any case, it’s your turn: we are waiting for you in direct starting at 21:40 to discuss it.

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