Sony: first official indications on European prices of QD-OLED, OLED and Mini LED TVs

The official site of Sony Austria (link in SOURCE) entered i prices of many TVs belonging to the 2022 range. In addition to the long-awaited QD-OLED (here all the specifications) there are the price lists of all the other series OLED WRGB and many LCDs, including products equipped with Mini LEDs (we talk about them in detail here).

Compared to the indications that emerged in February, on that occasion reported on the USA website, here we find the official prices reported directly for all televisions. The degree of reliability is therefore very high and, apart from a couple of cases that we are going to underline, we do not expect any particular surprises or errors. We would not be surprised, however, if the publication turns out to be premature and prices should therefore disappear from the site.

Compared to the Italian price list, not yet available, it is possible that there are some differences. Usually the deviations are not too significant, as can be seen by comparing some models of the 2021 range: the 55 “A90J costs 2,599 euros both in Italy and Austria, while the 55” A80J costs 1,749 euros in our country and 1,999 euros in Austria.

Below are the prices of all models:

The prices of the two available denominations, 42 “and 48”, are exactly identical. One could think of a mistake but it should still be remembered that even the rumors from the United States reported a difference of only 100 dollars. However, we are awaiting confirmations from the price lists of other European countries.

  • 42 “: 2.099 EUR
  • 48 “: 2.099 EUR

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