Sony A7000 Soundbar: 360 Spatial Sound Mapping arrives

There 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology is now available on the Sony HT-A7000 soundbar. As announced at CES 2022, the Japanese brand has added this novelty through the firmware 1.278, already available for download on the Sony website (link in SOURCE). 360 Spatial Sound Mapping, first introduced last year on the HT-A9 home cinema system, can be used by connecting the soundbar to SA-RS3S wireless rear speakers (already on the market) or to the new ones SA-RS5 with internal battery (to be released next summer).

360 Spatial Sound Mapping recreates multiple virtual speakers capable of generating a very wide and enveloping audio. The function Sound Field Optimization uses the microphones built into the soundbar to calculate the height and position of all components, i.e. the soundbar itself and the speakers. The data thus obtained are used to build a sort of sound bubble that surrounds the listener: the number “360” contained in the name of the technology refers to a sound capable of spreading 360 degrees.

Below is the complete list of new features added with update 1.278:

  • Adds support for connecting between BRAVIA and PlayStation 5
  • Adds support for the 360 ​​Spatial Sound Mapping feature
  • Adds support for connecting to an SA-RS5 unit

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