Sonos Ray: New soundbar images reveal connectivity

Among the most talked about products on the net in this last period there is certainly the Sonos Ray soundbar, already the subject of numerous previews. The latest news, arrived a few hours after the news on the name and price, were reported online on Twitter by the user SnoopyTechwhich has posted various images of the product, including those where you can see the back with all the connections available.

From the photos you can appreciate the small size, now more contextualized thanks to the inclusion of Ray within real contexts. The soundbar is shown in both white and black finishes. When used as a stand-alone soundbar, Ray supports Dolby Digital. If you combine it instead with the Arc soundbar (which we tested here), the device becomes a Dolby Atmos surround speaker to be positioned vertically.

The photos on the back confirm the possibility of mounting the product on the wall and also reveal the options available to connect sources and TVs. It is not so much the present doors as the absent ones that arouse attention: in fact, no HDMI connector with ARC is retracted. There is only the connection for the power cable, an Ethernet port and an optical digital input, the only way to convey the sound to the soundbar.

More details will come soon, however: Sonos is planning a event set for May 25th. Recall that Ray should come at the price of 249 dollars and that’s not the only news in development at Sonos: there is constant talk of the arrival of a new voice assistant and an operating system for home theater.

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