Sonos prepares its voice assistant: imminent debut

We go back to talking about Sonos and not for the new soundbar we discussed yesterday. In fact, the company is preparing to launch its own voice assistant. Yes, no third-party solutions but a first-person solution dedicated to playing music on the Sonos audio platform. The news is not yet official but it is reported by the colleagues of The Verge which add interesting details on the debut date and on the markets in which the distribution of the new digital assistant will be launched. The launch is imminent: Sonos Voice Control will come in the form of software update of the company’s audio devices starting from June 1 in the United States and later in other international markets yet to be specified.


More noteworthy details about the features by Sonos Voice Control:

  • it will be an alternative to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that Sonos already supports in its smart speakers and soundbars enabled for the management of voice functions;
  • will be available for all Sonos products running S2 software;
  • among the various functions it will support the start through voice commands of the reproduction of single songs, songs by a specific author and entire playlists;
  • at launch it will support Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer and Sonos Radio music services. No Spotify and YouTube Music, at least initially;
  • to protect the user’s privacy, the assistant it will not keep track of the user’s voice commands or process them in the cloud;
  • to activate the voice assistant just say the command “Hey Sonos”;
  • According to the first results of internal tests carried out by Sonos, Voice Control proved to be faster in handling music functions than competing voice assistants.

It is questionable whether there is really a need for an additional voice assistant, given that the current market offer is not negligible. From Sonos’ perspective, the operation can certainly make sense, also because the company could leverage the privacy aspects – management of voice functions entirely locally and without memorizing the commands given – to convince users to use Voice Control at the expense. of competitors. It could also be a highly optimized assistant for managing music reproduction with advantages in terms of speed and efficiency.

For now, Sonos does not confirm the report The Verge, but in recent months there has been no lack of clues to support the hypothesis. In November of last year, the reference to Sonos’ voice assistant had been identified in the code of the official app for managing the Company’s speakers. To this consideration we must then add the other details that suggest that Sonos is investing heavily in the development of software solutions dedicated to its audio products – see. recent rumors about the home theater operating system.

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