Sonic 2 again records at the box office: 141 million dollars total

The new Sonic movie has gone off like a rocketperfectly in line with the speeding attitudes of SEGA’s iconic blue hedgehog: he was box-office champion in the United States and achieved fantastic results in the rest of the world, for a total of 141 million dollars in takings after just two weekends. In the first weekend the film was available in 31 markets, the following week it reached another 22, for a total of 53. These include the USA and Italy, where the box office was 1.7 million dollars. 420 cinemas that screened it. Profits are split virtually identically between the US and the rest of the world.

In markets where it was already on its second weekend, the new Sonic was understandably surpassed by the debut of Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, the new chapter in the spin-off film saga set in the Harry Potter universe. It is, however, interesting to observe that despite everything Sonic 2 has held up well the blow: receipts between the first and second weekend dropped by only 38%, where generally -50% is already a more than excellent result celebrated by producers. To say, while we are on the subject, Morbius went much worse, with a drop of 74%.

Sonic 2 thus sets a new record for best US box office debut of a video game-based film, with 71 million dollars. It should be noted that the previous record, of 58 million dollars, was recorded by Sonic 1. To be more precise, 58 million dollars concern only the weekend understood in the traditional way – Friday, Saturday and Sunday; but Sonic 1 had arrived during a weekend “extended” by a national holiday, President’s Day. So over the four days the takings had risen to 68 million dollars: and Sonic 2 beat even this result, in just three days.

And to think that the whole initiative had started very, very badly. In the first trailer, Sonic’s character had an aspect that (to put it mildly) did not convince the audience, so much so that it became one of the most downvoted videos in YouTube history. Fortunately Paramount got the message and decided to radically change the appearance of the porcupine.

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