Skoda Enyaq iV, the production of the electric SUV restarts

Skoda announced that he has resumed production of its electric SUV Enyaq iV at the Mladá Boleslav plant after several weeks of stoppage due to wiring supply problems caused by the outbreak of the terrible conflict in Ukraine. This is a problem that other manufacturers have also faced as several companies that produce car harnesses are located in Ukraine.

The manufacturer makes it known that it has managed to restore the supply of components for its cars, which has allowed production to resume. Skoda’s goal is to maintain full production capacity. However, everything will depend on the actual availability of the components. Precisely for this reason, the manufacturer cannot make precise long-term forecasts.

Now that production has resumed, Skoda will build around 1,000 Enyaq iVs per week with the aim of gradually increasing production over the next two months. In the long term, the Mladá Boleslav plant will produce up to 370 Enyaq iV and Enyaq iV Coupé per day.

For the carmaker this is good news even if the future is still uncertain as the problem of the supply of components exacerbated by the crisis in Ukraine has not yet been resolved. In any case, Skoda can return to producing the electric SUV, starting to dispose of the orders that had accumulated.

Obviously, the production stop has led to an extension of the delivery times of the Enyaq iV. If Skoda is able to secure an adequate supply of components, it should gradually be able to make up for lost time.

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