Shazam takes us to the concerts: date, venue and tickets are just a tap away

Concert tickets can now be purchased directly from Shazam, the hugely popular music recognition app purchased by Apple in 2017 for $ 400 million. Or better: within the app for each artist all the information on scheduled concerts, and for each date it is possible to access the dedicated portal to purchase the ticket. The function is also available in Italy.

With the return of live music – explains Oliver Schusser of Apple – we are thrilled to offer Shazam users access to concerts and give artists even more visibility.

With the hope that the pandemic begins to loosen its grip, therefore, Shazam provides a useful tool that simplifies the discovery of the concerts of their favorite singers as well as the process for purchasing the ticket to participate in the live performance. There is also the function that allows you to discover the concerts nearby, another plus to not miss anything.

Information about concerts and their dates is displayed whenever you rely on Shazam to recognize a song you are listening to, and also when you do a manual search on the app or website. If the artist has concerts scheduled, it is possible to immediately know the dates, time and place of the event (to be added to your calendar if necessary). The platform Shazam relies on for this service is Bandsintown, which joins Ticketmaster in Italy and in other countries. Once you have selected the service, you will be redirected to the relevant site where to complete the booking and purchase.

The new feature is available on Shazam for iOS and Android.

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