Self-driving car, stop to the obligation of pedals and steering wheel in the USA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a new set of standards to ensure the safety of occupants in vehicles a autonomous driving. Among the most important innovations that concerns the cars that have complete autonomous driving. For such vehicles there will no longer be the obligation to have manual driving controls. In other words, the need to equip these cars with steering wheel and pedals disappears.

For vehicles designed to be operated solely by an Automated Driving Systems (ADS), manually operated driving controls are logically unnecessary.

For companies and manufacturers engaged in the development of automated driving solutions, this is a very important innovation. In fact, these realities have had to face several problems in designing and building autonomous vehicles without manual controls due to the need to respect the previous requirements that provided that people could always take full control of the vehicle.

The old regulations, in fact, always provided for the need for cars to have a driver’s seat, a steering wheel and a steering wheel. Precisely for this reason, companies operating in the autonomous driving sector have been pushing for a change in the rules for some time. What has been said, we reiterate, only applies to cars equipped with complete autonomous driving (here we explain the various Levels of autonomous driving).

The new rules, however, do not compromise on the security front. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stresses that automated vehicles must provide the same levels of protection for occupants as found in human-driven vehicles. The NHTSA is actively engaged in the monitoring and supervision of self-driving vehicle testing.

Last summer, the NHTSA issued an ordinance requiring the reporting of accidents involving vehicles equipped with autonomous driving or certain advanced driver assistance systems.

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