Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 may have a slightly larger battery

The Galaxy Z Flip3, thanks to its foldable display and its features, is certainly one of the most innovative and interesting smartphones on the market. But it definitely has a limit: the battery.

Being an extremely compact device, in which the folding mechanism takes up a lot of spaceSamsung was forced to “split” its battery in two by placing it side by side a larger 2,300mAh to that smaller than 903mAh which is however defined as main.

In total, therefore, there are effective 3.203mAh which are not really many when compared to all the other smartphones in the Galaxy S range that have batteries starting at 3,700mAh. A somewhat limited capacity which, in practice, translates into autonomy not particularly satisfactoryas also highlighted in our review, especially for those who use the device quite intensely.

But for the next Galaxy Z Flip4 the situation could improve, albeit slightly. As reported by the site Galaxy Clubfor this foldable Samsung would have provided two batteries: an EB-BF721ABY and an EB-BF722ABY.

The smaller one, the main one, would always remain 903mAh. For the largest, however, Samsung would have managed to bring it to 2,400mAh100mAh more which, also considering a greater energy efficiency provided by the processor that will be used, could allow a few more hours of activity.

However, there is still no information regarding the speed of charging that hopefully it can reach at least 25W against the 15W currently available on the Galaxy Z Flip3. According to rumors, Samsung is expected to launch its new leaflets during the second half of the year, probably in August as it has done in recent years.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available on to 649 euros.

(updated February 28, 2022, 09:48 am)

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