Samsung sold 1 million Mini LED TVs in 2021

According to a report drawn up by analysts of Omdiathe Samsung Mini LED TV sales they stood at approx 1 million units in the course of 2021. The figure acquired is lower than the forecasts provided by various companies, which had estimated at least 1.5 million Mini LEDs for the Korean giant. The results obtained by the Neo QLED range (this is the name chosen for the Samsung Mini LEDs) were therefore lower than expected, already revised downwards compared to the beginning of last year, when we were talking about over 2 million pieces for 2021.

The cost of LCD panels, which rose significantly in 2020 and remained high throughout the first half of 2021, was certainly weighing on sales. The race stopped only in the last months of last year, too late to have any effect on sales. Although the results have not lived up to expectations, Omdia (but it is not the only one) believes that for 2022 Samsung will always focus decisively on the Neo QLEDs, positioning the models with 8K resolution at the top, followed by the Neo QLED Ultra HD more performing (imagine the QN95B and QN90B series) and the new QD-OLED Ultra HD (here the first impressions from CES 2022).

Below these products should be placed the OLED TVs with WRGB panels from LG Display, the other lower-end Neo QLED Ultra HD, the QLEDs (therefore without Mini LEDs) and followed by all the other LCDs. Omdia estimates that Samsung Electronics will distribute 3 to 3.5 million Mini LED TVs in 2022 and will purchase approximately 3.2 million OLED panels, split into 1.2 million QD-OLEDs made by Samsung Display and 2 million WRGB OLEDs. by LG Display.

In all, about 2 million OLED TVs should arrive on the market (the supplies of panels are obviously superior in number). A special brand will certainly be created for OLEDs, in order to diversify the offer from both Neo QLEDs and competitor products; we will see if the wording chosen by Samsung Display, which has long since opted for the name QD-Display, will be maintained.

The premium range should therefore bring sales of around 5 – 5.5 million pieces. As for the QLEDs, on the other hand, the estimates speak of 7.8 – 8 million pieces. Adding up all the top-end models, this would bring about 13 million TVs, 27% of the 48 million finished products (panels should be 53 million) that Samsung Electronics is expected to distribute in 2022, up from 42 million in 2021. , the year in which the sum of Neo QLED and QLED stood at 11 million (1 million Neo QLEDs, 10 million QLEDs), 24% of the total.

Finally, Omdia also reported the forecasts regarding LG Electronics. Sales of OLED TVs are expected to increase from around 4 million in 2021 to 5 million in 2022. For the premium segment, which also includes QNED and NanoCell, sales are estimated to be 10 million pieces, 3 more than last year.

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