Samsung: new details on Neo QLED 8K TVs, the base that rotates the screen arrives

Samsung officially presented the main news of the TV Neo QLED 8K 2022 during the event “Unbox & Discover“, streamed on YouTube (the full video can be viewed at the bottom of the article). The Korean giant did not dwell in detail on the characteristics of each model but showed the strengths on which its products can count. aims, focusing attention on the most important issues such as video processors, audio, use with video games, accessories and “smart” possibilities that extend the use of televisions beyond the mere passive use of content.

For a complete overview on Neo QLED 8K and Ultra HD and to know the prices for Italy, we refer the readers to the in-depth analysis that we have recently published with all the information. In this special we will instead focus on all the details not previously mentioned or on which the declared data were not yet available, also including a small overview of the soundbarnow proposed as real extensions of the screens with which they can create particular synergies.



Samsung has chosen to put the spotlight again on Neo QLEDs and in particular on models with 8K resolution. The reason is easily explained: currently the flagships are precisely those that have the highest resolution combined with LCD panels with Quantum Dot and Mini LEDs. We are therefore talking about the top or high-end range if you prefer, everything else is positioned on a lower level (obviously in relation to the Neo QLED 8K, not absolutely).

Then there is the role attributed to the TV to consider: Samsung is increasingly willing to make it part of an ecosystem that embraces all its products. The big screen is not only a means to consume video content but it can also become the hub of many other features and experiences, from the control of all “smart” devices (lights, washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners, etc.) to physical activity passing through the video-calling and sharing movies, shows and sporting events with your friends connected remotely.

Samsung summarizes all these concepts by talking about “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All”. Jong-Hee HanVice Chairman, CEO and Head of Samsung Electronics’ DX Division, talks about it in these terms:

We focus on creating a seamless experience across all of our products so that we can bring consumers all the benefits without making any effort. The Neo QLED 2022 are designed to meet the needs of our consumers and to enhance their passions, and the innovations present were born from their experiences. The Neo QLED 8K can also open the doors to new uses as centralizers inside homes.


The Neo QLED 8K take various measures for reduce the impact on the environment and promote eco-sustainability. Samsung is constantly working to reduce packaging to a minimum by making various improvements over the years, such as a 90% reduction in ink used for lettering. Furthermore, all the staples that kept the packages closed have been eliminated.

On the 2022 range, the SolarCell Remotethe remote control equipped with a panel (on the back) which allows you to recharge it with sunlight or artificial light. The new version is 88% more efficient than the remote controls supplied with the 2020 range TVs. The real novelty, however, is a function that derives energy for its internal battery from 2.4 GHz radio waves emitted by Wi-Fi routers. The back of the remote, as well as parts of the TVs, are made from recycled plastic recovered from the oceans.

Attention to the environment is then combined with the functions introduced to improve theaccessibility and allow everyone to use the products to the fullest. The news for 2022 are Auto Caption Position And Sign Language Guides. Auto Caption Position analyzes the images and positions the subtitles so as not to cover essential elements of the video, possibly moving them to other areas of the screen. Sign Language Guide, on the other hand, is an avatar that explains how to navigate the menus and functions of the TVs using sign language.


As we have seen, Samsung’s goal is to transform televisions into products capable of becoming the center of various experiences that take place in the home environment. Moreover, this is not a novelty: for some years the QLED equipment has been progressively enriched with innovations developed precisely in this sense. Samsung Health allows you to keep fit thanks to a series of guided exercises.

Those who have other Samsung products, such as Galaxy smartphones or a Galaxy Watch, can connect all devices to keep track of activities performed, calories burned and to understand if the movements performed (evaluated by the smartphone camera) are correct.

There is also room for productivity: Neo QLEDs can remotely connect to PC, Mac or to one smartphone via Dex. The video calls on Google Duo after purchasing one Samsung SlimFit webcam with magnetic hook, specially designed to match the design of TVs. Entertainment can also be shared with other people: while watching a football match, for example, you can split the screen in two to host a group chat with comments in real time.

For all the other news on the Smart Hub and on NFT support, we refer readers to the previous articles.


The main novelty regarding video games is the Gaming Hub, a section of the Smart Hub that contains the available gaming platforms, the latest titles played, the most popular ones, the news and recommended. The hub lists not only connected gaming systems, such as consoles or PCs, but also includes services cloud gaming with which Samsung has partnered. At the moment they are Stadia, GeForce NOW And Utomik but others are expected in the future.

To access the games in the cloud it is obviously necessary to combine a gamepad: Samsung claims that all the most popular ones are supported. Those who opt for dedicated systems can count on 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs capable of supporting all the main functions. On the Neo QLED 8K games are supported in Ultra HD at 120Hz via Motion Xcelerator Turbo +.

On all Neo QLED Ultra HD QN95B and on 43 “and 50” QN90B is added Motion Xcelerator Turbo Prowhich allows you to get up to 144 Hz. This last mode also allows you to further reduce the input lag, that is the delay in responding to commands: we are talking about values ​​not exceeding 5 ms (in Ultra HD at 144Hz).

Finally, the Game Bar, the bar that groups all the settings dedicated to video games to facilitate quick access. From here you can check the items related to the number of frames per second, the status of the Variable Refresh Rate (for example FreeSync Premium Pro active) and HDR. The available adjustments include the selected video mode (there are some, such as FPS, dedicated to specific genres), the image format and the Zoom function. The latter allows you to zoom in on specific parts of the screen such as the mini-map found in various titles.


TVs aren’t the only audio-visual products in the Samsung catalog. Soundbars have played a very important role ever since the feature was introduced Q-Symphony, developed to create a synergy with the QLED speakers. In this way, the full potential of the integrated audio sections is exploited even when connecting a dedicated system.

Products arriving in 2022 include the following models (some abbreviations may differ slightly from country to country):

  • Q990B with 11.1.4 channels, wireless rear satellites, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Q930B with 9.1.2 channels, wireless rear satellites, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Q800B with 5.1.2 channels, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Q700B with 3.1.2 channels, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Q600B with 3.1.2 channels, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • S800B / S801B with 3.1.2 channels, thin thickness and Dolby Atmos
  • S60B / S61B with 5.0 channels, compact design and Dolby Atmos
  • S50B with 3.0 channels

Let’s spend a few words on the S800B (black color) and S801B (white color). These products are characterized by a footprint of only 39.9mm deep. Are present 9 speaker that make up the system a 3.1.2 channels with two speakers facing up. The low frequencies are entrusted to a wireless external subwoofer also equipped with a passive radiator.

Finally, all models compatible with Atmos are equipped with Wireless Dolby Atmosa feature that wirelessly streams sound from 2022 TVs to soundbars over Wi-Fi.


We close with an overview of the new accessories: Samsung offers two different types of wall brackets, a floor base and a support capable of rotating the screen vertically. There SlimFit Wall Mount is a bracket designed to position televisions flush with the wall, reducing the distance from the wall to almost zero.

Those who want more versatility can opt for the Full Motion Slim Wall Mounta solution that always reduces the distance from the wall, without reaching the levels of SlimFit, but adding the possibility of move the screen forward (19.5 to 210 millimeters), of tilt it up or down (from -5 to 10 degrees) and of rotate it left or right by 15 degrees.

The floor base is lo Studio Stand, the tripod that winks at the paintings and which was already available for some models. There are now two colors available: black and copper. The most peculiar option is though Auto Rotation, an accessory that enables automatic screen rotation. A motorized mechanism actually replicates the main function of The Sero TVs, turning the Neo QLEDs vertically when viewing videos on Instagram, TikTok or playing artwork. In short, the screen automatically positions itself vertically with all the contents created in this way.

Auto Rotation is compatible with Neo QLED 8K and Ultra HD models from 43 “to 55” if you opt for the floor stand and from 43 “to 65” if you opt for the wall bracket. In Portrait mode, with the screen in portrait, you can divide the screen into three areas to see for example YouTube, a live channel and comments on the net simultaneously.

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