Samsung: ISOCELL HP3 sensor ready

Less than a year has passed since Samsung’s presentation of the ISOCELL HP1 sensor, capable of bringing the resolution of the cameras of modern smartphones to a level never seen before. To date, the sensor of the Korean brand has not yet found application on any product, but despite this, according to what was reported by Galaxy Club, Samsung would already be ready to launch the second generation of its sensor.


It is called ISOCELL HP3 e could be presented shortly, but very little is known about him. The resolution of 200 MP seems to be confirmed, consequently the differences with the previous ISOCELL HP1 will not be so much in terms of hardware, but in the management of the images and in the processing algorithms of these. All this to increase the quality of the photographs taken.


From a technical point of view, according to many, a 200 MP sensor is an even excessive choice for many modern smartphones. After all, to date only chips like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 would be able to support and manage such a high resolution. Precisely for this reason, it seems that the first product to be equipped with this new sensor could be the Samsung Galaxy S23whose release should be scheduled for early 2023. But not only: the ISOCELL HP3 could also find application in the next top of the range of Motorola and Xiaomi.


However, a very high level of quality is to be expected from the new ISOCELL HP3. After all, thanks to his technology Nonacell, which features a 3 × 3 pixel structure for maximum light absorption, Samsung has already demonstrated that it is able to achieve great quality results with the current ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor. For this reason, it is logical to expect an even higher definition.

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