Samsung Internet, there is version 17.0 in beta: all the news and downloads

Several months after the 16.0 beta – September 2021 – here is a major update coming back for Samsung Internet Browser, the app that in Seoul offer on the Galaxy as an alternative to the famous Google Chrome. And the version 17.0 which in these hours is proposed in beta to developers and those who want to test the news in preview, and that after this phase it will also be distributed in a stable version. The occasion is interesting because it offers us a look at the Announcements that Samsung has in store: privacy, security and user experience are the main areas in which developers have intervened to a greater extent.

The most important news is Smart Anti Tracking: thanks to machine learning on device, it allows to automatically detect and delete cookies “placed” on the device from sites and portals. It will be active by default on the devices of EuropeUnited States and South Korea, while customers from other regions, if they want, will have to activate it from the settings where there is the possibility of having it active always or only together with the incognito mode.

Samsung Internet Browser 17.0 beta has like default the protocol https instead of http, which increases the safety of navigation. When opening a page, the browser requests the protocol httpsif the attempt fails, go tohttp: in the first case a padlock is shown in the address bar. Then there is the privacy board, that is a summary board on security, active by default, with an overview of the main privacy settings and reports on the subject.

In the end Live Text, function that manages to identify the text present in an image caught online and with a long touch proposes a series of actions, such as copying, translate, search, etc. Here are some of the remaining “minor” innovations of Samsung Internet Browser 17.0 beta:

If you are interested in trying all the news but don’t want to wait for the stable version, here are the download links:

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