Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is More Tough Than It Looks | Video

The Samsung tablet offer has been significantly renewed in recent months, thanks to the introduction of the gargantuan Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which has taken the diagonal of the screen to new highs thanks to its 14.6 “. Dimensions therefore very important as regards the width of the surface, which is contrasted by an incredibly reduced thickness equal to just 5.5 mm: it is perhaps the perfect recipe for a fragile and easily foldable product even with the minimum effort? The new resistance test of the channel JerryRigEverything it answers precisely this question and does it in a surprising way.

As often happens with new products, Tab S8 Ultra also passed on the workbench of the canal to undergo the usual tortures, thanks to which we can get a rough idea of ​​the resistance of the various devices. The new tablet from Samsung immediately presents itself as a high build quality product and passes the main tests without problems, but what is surprising is the result of the bending test.

Zack Nelson himself admitted that he opened the tablet box expecting that the test would end in a disastrous way, with the complete breakdown of the S8 Ultra, however this is not what he got. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, in fact, withstood multiple folding tests in both directions, proving a truly unexpected structural solidity for such a thin productsomething that has not happened in the past with tablets of similar thickness, such as the various iPad Pro.

In short, it seems that the reinforced structure mentioned by Samsung does its duty and manages to protect even a potentially so critical product in a more than satisfactory way. If you want to learn more about the test results, we leave you to the full video.

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