Samsung Display to Produce 49 “and 77” QD-OLED TV Panels in 2023 | Rumor

Samsung Display is planning the release of 49 “and 77” QD-OLED panels in 2023. The anticipation is contained in a report drawn up by Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) and reported by the Korean newspaper Chosun Biz. Even if the news should be considered as an indiscretion, the very high reliability of the sources is undeniable, especially DSCC due to its contacts. Currently the Korean giant, or rather the division that makes the panels, produces the 55 “and 65” cuts for Samsung S95B and Sony A95K TVs and 34 “for monitors such as Alienware.

Mass production of the 49 “and 77” should also start next year thanks to Multi-Model Glass technology (MMG), developed to be able to obtain panels with different diagonals from the same mother plate. In practice, part of the sheets are used for large panels, leaving the rest for smaller screens, in order to reduce waste to the minimum possible. MMG is already used by Samsung itself on other lines and also by LG for its OLEDs. The increase in available size is functional to expand the Samsung Display portfolio, making the QD-OLED offer more versatile and attractive for all TV manufacturers. DSCC does not expect a big increase in the number of panels produced.

Samsung currently has a capacity of 30,000 mother plates each month with a production yield of 75%, corresponding to approximately 1.35 million QD-OLED TV panels each year. However, the real figure is lower since the aforementioned 34 “monitor panels must also be counted. It is therefore believed that production reserved for TVs is around 1 million. However, efficiency should increase over the next few months: Korean company aims to reach 80% in the second quarter and 90% in the second half of the year. If the targets are met, Samsung Display could churn out up to 1.6 million QD-OLED panels in 2023, 1.3 – 1.4 of which reserved for TVs.

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