Samsung Diamond is not a third foldable: it is the internal name of Galaxy S23

No, the stolen image of the next leaflet of Samsung it is not what you see in the opening. We know that Samsung is the absolute leader in the folding market, and that the sector is growing strongly: sales of Folds in 2021 have quadrupled compared to those of 2020. The Korean giant therefore intends to continue to push and experiment in this sense, since it is a category where one’s proposal is at the top.

And to do so, it could think of expanding the offer beyond today’s Z Fold (3) – Z Flip (3) dualism, and perhaps introducing new form-factors. We know that there are devices with multi-fold screens in the pipeline, but that’s not all. Do you remember the prototype based on a sliding OLED panel shown by Samsung Display in May 2021, which is the protagonist of the opening image? And the “Z Roll” trademark? Here, for some time we have known that there is also a rollable in the pipeline, which is a new product category. AND who knows that soon the project will not become reality: in this regard the code name Diamond sparked the imagination of the insiders, but apparently it’s not what you thought it might be.

According to the well-known leaker Ice universein fact, there is (at least) one Samsung’s third foldable coming this year in addition to Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, and the code name would be “Diamond”. But Ice universe didn’t stop there, and he shared on his Twitter profile too a photo that portrays some Samsung executives and above all a mysterious device.

According to the leaker’s reconstruction, it would be “Diamond”: from the stolen shot it is difficult to grasp particular details of the device (a definitely rough diamond, in short), but the design seems to exclude a hinge and rather resemble that of Galaxy S22 Ultra, albeit with larger dimensions. Also for this reason Ice universe claims that it could be a rollable rather than a folding one as we have been accustomed to know them up to now: and precisely of the first smartphone with a rollable screen from Samsung.

The rollable concept is certainly fascinating, since they promise to combine the appearance and shape of traditional smartphones with the flexibility of foldables, and therefore the ability to exploit an expanded display surface if necessary, thanks to the faculty of the panel. scroll and increase the diagonal. The presence of moving parts could create significant engineering complications, and will probably also lead to prohibitive prices, perhaps even higher than those already high – at launch – of foldables.

For the moment, it is worth pointing out, there is nothing official: but the feeling is that something is actually moving. Indeed, stay scrolling.


It is Ross Young who intervenes on the subject to clarify that it is not a third leaflet. Diamond is none other than the code name of the Galaxy S23. And, as the analyst says, “at least we now know how S23 is called internally“. A meager consolation …

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