Revenue Agency, site unreachable all yesterday afternoon: what happened

The site ofRevenue Agency was unreachable for several hours yesterday afternoon, and with this also all the other sites of the financial administration of the Italian government and the portal for issuing the Green Pass. The responsibility is to be attributed to a “technical issue“found by the IT partner Sogei which only managed to restore services in the late evening.

Those who have tried to access the portal of the Revenue Agency finding themselves unable to carry out the necessary consultations and operations will surely have thought of a (nth) hacker attack: either because of the current situation in Europe, or because of the continuous episodes that are recorded on the net almost every day – see lastly the case involving Trenitalia – the fact is that it is now natural to attribute responsibility for this type of malfunction to external factors that voluntarily intend to cause damage for political or extortion purposes.

However, the Revenue Agency wanted to clarify as soon as possible that the malfunction of the site (of sites) in this case it was not due to any hacker attack, but rather to a much more trivial technical failure. Failure that was identified in one yesterday evening voltage drop in the electrical system which caused a generalized system tilt.

In order to dispel any doubts, Sogei himself wanted to release an official communication confirming the cause of the problem: “Technical Problems“, no “cyber attack“. So sensitive data safeas the Revenue Agency explains, but if on the one hand you can breathe a sigh of relief, on the other hand there is no doubt that the blackout of several hours has partially paralyzed the activity of citizensfrom those who needed to download the Green Pass from the platform up to professionals called to meet deadlines.

Now the situation appears to be back to normal, despite the site’s posters still some small malfunctions: once you have logged into the portal with your Spid credentials, in fact, an unpromising warning appears immediately under the main menu (Home – Services – User profile – Assistance) “An error has occurred. Please try again later“. Probably Sogei is still working on it, and that the services will be restored to 100% in a short time.

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