Return to Monkey Island, here it is in the first official images: do you like the style?

At the beginning of April, a confirmation that many video game enthusiasts had been waiting for a long time finally arrived: Ron Gilbert will resume the reins of Monkey Island and will finally be able to create his third installment, after chasing this dream for so many years – just think that he had already publicly expressed his desire to get his hands on the franchise back in 2015.

About ten days after the announcement of Return to Monkey Island, out in 2022today they arrive other news about the game thanks to six official images which make us understand better what the style adopted for the work is, after the short presentation trailer had already let us guess. Gilbert opted for a approach away from that of Monkey Island 3and this was to be expected considering his willingness to return to imprint a signature on the saga, thus making his work immediately recognizable.

The style remains cartoonish, but in this case it is all played on impossible and ironic geometries, oblique and sharp lines, clear colors and characters with deformed features: a modern look that recalls another classic by LucasArts, or Day of The Tentacle. And that could end up dividing fans between supporters and detractors.

But that’s not all: why Ron Gilbert gave an interview to Adventure Games during which some interesting details about the title emerged. For example, at the plot level Return to Monkey Island will pick up the story line exactly from the end of the second game, LeChuck’s Revenge: Gilbert underlined how it was very important for him that everything started again from that moment, in the amusement park, and he also promised that we can expect many twists to follow.

It comes naturally, therefore, to wonder how Gilbert intends to manage the relationship with the “apocryphal” games of the series, that is, with those that were not made by him personally. Will the events narrated in those titles be cited, considered, act in the background, will they even be expanded or completely ignored? The answer is rather obvious: Gilbert said outright that it is not in his interest to invalidate the events of those games, but they will simply never be mentioned, and he also pointed out that in those titles, however, there were many elements to his liking.

Finally, some details on the personages: Gilbert confirmed that we will find the piratess Elaine, Guybrush, LeChuck and not only that, but obviously we will also get to know new faces. And on the dubbing front there is another piece of news that will make historical fans happy: where it has proved possible, in fact, the voice actors hired are those who worked on the first two games.

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