PS5 unobtainable? With the Vodafone fiber it is included in installments

PlayStation 5 is it too difficult to find? If you are looking for the new Sony console and you are a Vodafone customer, the operator has just announced a new promotion that could be just for you. Starting today, you can join a V-Max landline offer of Vodafone and buy together PlayStation 5 paying the full amount in installments.


The initiative is part of the program Vodafone EasyTech and is also aimed at those who already have an active Vodafone fixed network offer and who subscribe or have already subscribed to the V-Max offer, includes the PlayStation 5 console, two DualSense wireless controllers and the Gran Turismo 7 video game, at a cost of 27.99 euros more per month.

The new initiative was also accompanied by a new Vodafone TV campaign starring Alessandro Cattelan (you can see it at the end of the article), while on April 9th ​​a physical event will be held in the Vodafon Store in Corso Vercelli in Milanwhich will be attended by 3 important Italian streamers (Kurolily, Pow3r and Sabaku no Maiku) who will compete in a challenge at Gran Turismo 7, also challenging customers and enthusiasts who will present themselves at the event.

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