PS5 Pro is back in the rumors: launch in 2024 and RT performance more than doubled

While PlayStation 5 it is still practically impossible to find in shops, time passes inexorably and its second year of life is approaching. This not only leads us to believe that we will finally get closer to the moment when the performance of the Sony console is actually put to use, but it also brings us closer and closer to the moment ofinevitable mid-generation upgrade which will happen with the launch of the hypothetical PS5 Pro.

So here we are discussing the latest rumors released by RedGaming Tech, a youtuber active on the scene but who has not always proved very reliable as regards the accuracy of his predictions, which is why we invite you to take this statement with the right degree of skepticism.

That Sony is working on a PS5 hardware update is an incontrovertible fact and if we want to take it for granted, since it is now clear that the new mid-generation models also arrive to give a new boost to platform sales, as well as to raise the performance bar in the second part of the life cycle.


As reported by the youtuber PS5 Pro is expected to arrive in 2024a time window that is still credible and which seems to be also supported by several other sources, in addition to the fact that recently some suspicious movements new hardware from Sony to some development centers. The architecture behind the Pro variant is not expected to change, but the production process is likely to switch from the current 7nm to 5nm of TSMC or even 4nmthe latter hypothesis however plausible if the hypothetical exit period is considered.

The most interesting data, however, concerns the issue of performance; according to RedGaming, the PS5 Pro should offer a about 2.5 times increase in ray tracing capabilities compared to the current model. In addition to this, there is also talk of a particular focus in exalting the potential of the next PlayStation VR2, which could shine precisely in conjunction with the hardware revision of PS5.


As already anticipated, the reported indiscretions must absolutely be taken with a grain of salt – especially at this stage -, but they do not put us in front of a scenario that can be defined far from reality. The performance boost in RT, in fact, is certainly a point on which Sony will worksince the current implementation of the console (but the same is true on Xbox Series X too) allows you to use this technology only in the face of major sacrifices, so it is absolutely plausible that PlayStation 5 Pro will fill this gap.

Whether this will happen exclusively through the use of a new GPU configuration or even through software optimization by AMD is not yet known, but in any case it is likely that this could be one of the next workhorses of the mid- gen.

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