PS Plus, the free ride is over: Sony says stop accumulating subscriptions

There are several major new features coming to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscription services. Meanwhile, the Japanese company has confirmed that for a while it will no longer be possible to accumulate subscriptions: in other words, before redeeming a new voucher you will need to wait for the current subscription to expire. Sony said this is a temporary measure, related to the work in progress for the new incarnation of the premium service announced last May. The communication comes via an update of the official FAQ, which however in the Italian version of the site have not yet been updated, at least at the time of writing the article. Anyway we leave you a screenshot of the English FAQ:

Sony also explained what will happen for those who have already redeemed subscriptions that will extend beyond the month of June, when the new tariffs come into effect: basically they will come. converted in proportion to their value. For example, a one-month voucher of the current PS Plus can be used for approximately 2 and a half weeks of PS Plus Premium, while a one-month voucher of PS Now will be equivalent to approximately three weeks of PS Plus Premium.

Sony’s decision is likely related to the “voucher rush” that has been observed over the past few weeks, since the new service was announced – which has brought new prices. It turned out pretty quickly that it was possible to save significant amounts on the most prestigious subscription: the company had said that PS Now subscriptions would be converted to PS Plus Premium, but a one-year PS Now voucher costs around $ 60. while a year of PS Plus Premium costs exactly double. So many players have been buying PS Now vouchers equivalent to years.

For some days now, in the midst of the “voucher accumulation frenzy”, users have begun to report that it is no longer possible to redeem their codes, thus fueling the suspicions of an intervention by Sony. Suspicions that, in fact, have been confirmed now. It is worth remembering that the new service will be structured as follows:

  • PS Plus Essential: will correspond to the current PS Plus and will have the same price (60 € per year or 9 € per month)
  • PS Plus Extra: Around 400 free downloadable PS4 and PS5 games will also be included in the subscription. It will cost € 100 per year or € 14 per month.
  • PS Plus PremiumAdditional 340 games will be added (including for PS3) available via cloud streaming, as well as a wide selection of games from PSX, PS2 and PSP available for both download and streaming. There will also be a chance to try out new preview games for free. It will cost € 120 per year or € 17 per month.

Here the new PlayStation Plus will arrive on June 22nd.

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