Prince of Persia, the criticized remake is assigned to another studio

Ubisoft is still spinning the hourglass of the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The game, unveiled in September 2020, had raised a fuss mainly due to an anachronistic technical sector: it looked more like a remake that we could have seen in the transition between PS3 and Xbox 360 and PS4 and Xbox One, a decade ago, instead of a work coming to the latest generation consoles.

The title was initially scheduled for January 21, 2021, but nothing has been done about it, and Ubisoft announced in February that the launch was postponed indefinitely. Those who waited for E3 to see it were then disappointed, since there was no trace of the Prince.

The game has since sunk into the shadows, only to re-emerge from the sands of time last October, when Ubisoft confirmed that the project was still alive. Since then no news: at least until today’s twist.


With a communication spread through the social channels dedicated to the title, in fact, the software house declared that theo development has been taken from the hands of Ubisoft Pune and Mumbai and entrusted to those of Ubisoft Montreal. A homecoming, in short, since it is the same studio that gave birth to the modern trilogy of the franchise.

Good news, which, however, is accompanied by less good news: Ubisoft clearly suggests that this handover will not be painless, since it will involve a radical reorganization of the work. And therefore the sands of time will continue to flow for a long time, and the hourglass will return to overturn: for the launch of the remake we will have to wait, and at the moment no launch window is providednot even indicative.

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