PosteMobile: 150 GB for € 10 per month on the Vodafone network (4G)

PosteMobile Creami Extra Wow 150 is the new offer of the Poste Italiane operator, which relies on the Vodafone network, for those who are hungry for data and do not want to spend exorbitant amounts: as the name implies, every month the user has access 150 Giga of traffic, as well as unlimited minutes and SMS. The cost is 10 € per month. For those who proceed with the online activation, the activation costs are zero – more precisely you have to spend € 20 at the beginning but they are all transformed into credit. To summarize briefly:

  • Minutes: unlimited
  • SMS: unlimited
  • Data: 150 Giga per month
  • Services included:

    • I look for you (SMS indicating any calls received when the phone is off, busy or unreachable)
    • Call back now (SMS notification or automatic call back to a phone that is switched off, busy or unreachable)
    • Call waiting
  • Price: € 9.99 per month
  • Activation costs: 0 (until April 10, online only)

PosteMobile, we said, has returned to being a Vodafone virtual operator as it was at the beginning, after a few years with WindTre. The network change took place towards the beginning of last summer. At present it does not offer 5G browsing: the network stops at 4G + with maximum download speeds of 300 Mbps.

The offer is dedicated only to those who activate a new SIM, not to those who want to carry out number portability. If you activate your subscription at a post office, the activation costs are 5 € (you have to pay 15 €, 10 of which are transformed into credit), while for those who proceed online after 10 April the activation costs will be of € 10 (€ 20 payment of which 10 converted into credit).

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