PlayStation, the anti-Game Pass could arrive as early as next week

It seems that the wait is now running out for Project Spartacus, the initiative designed by Sony to counter the Microsoft Game Pass: according to the sources of Bloomberg, the announcement could come as early as next week. The service – which, we remember, should be a sort of fusion between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now – will debut immediately with a rich catalog of very successful recent games, but it seems that the most important titles will not arrive immediately. They will maintain a minimum of temporary exclusivity to maximize sales to the most impatient players.

There are no further price rumors, but always Bloomberg in the past he had indicated at least three types of subscription:

  • Essential, $ 10 a month. Basically identical to the current PlayStation Plus (access to multiplayer, two free games per month, discounts, 100 GB on the cloud for bailouts, bonus content …).
  • Extra, $ 13 a month. The most similar to the Game Pass: catalog of “hundreds” of freely downloadable and playable titles.
  • Premium, $ 16 a month. Added to this is the PlayStation Now streaming service and early access to some games before launch.

A quick comparison shows that the prices are a little bit higher than those of the XboxFor example, the Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes streaming games from the cloud, costs $ 14.99 a month against Sony’s $ 16. The “regular” Game Pass instead costs $ 9.99, compared to Sony’s $ 13. One explanation could be that, at least for now, Sony has a clear advantage in sales: for each Xbox it sells 1.6 PlayStation. If the rumors prove correct, Microsoft is even more generous with the availability of the games – hits like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite have been available on Game Pass since day one. In short, an offer a little less attractive but which could be enough to keep the bitter rival at a safe distance.

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