PlayStation, after Bungie other acquisitions are coming: word of Jim Ryan

The world of video games is at a turning point. This moment historically coincides with the beginning of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S generation, but it has nothing to do with the consoles and technical specifications. No: there are two models, two different paradigms in comparison. On the one hand, Microsoft which is continuing to expand its team with multi-billion dollar purchases and consequently the Game Pass catalog. And on the other, of course, Sony, which thanks to the advantage of the latest generation, and not being able to financially support a company like that of the Game Pass, marries a line based on quality, as stated by Jim RyanCEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

We do not know if this comparison between two different interpretations of the market will be resolved with winners and losers, or if a synthesis will be achieved, a new equilibrium. But things are changing, that’s for sure, and with effects that no longer have to do with just the time window of the dear old console wars.

Sony has an important catalog of exclusives on its side, and Microsoft has dramatically increased its firepower with the acquisition of the Zenimax group (which includes Bethesda) and Activision-Blizzard. The Japanese firm cannot afford colossal operations like these, but it has continued to do so anyway expand PlayStation Studios: and the surprise hit was the purchase of Bungie – a reality historically linked to the Xbox world, having given birth to Halo – at the end of January.


In recent months, many have wondered if and how and how much Sony would have “responded” to Microsoft’s moves. And now Jim Ryan has intervened on the subject who, during the last official PlayStation podcast (you can find it at the link in SOURCE), made important statements:

We are growing thanks to acquisitions: we acquired five studies over the course of 2021. […] AND we have others planned.

The five studios Ryan refers to are Valkyrie Entertainment, Housemarque, Bluepoint, Firesprite and Nixxes. It is easy to imagine other operations of this type, aimed at rounding off and optimizing the development process with the injection of new forces already in Sony orbit, and therefore without sensational “bangs”. Although the reporter Jeff Grubba reference when it comes to gaming rumors, claimed to have been reached by rumors that speak of a ‘important acquisition it’s close. The information, for now, stops there: but it is natural to think of companies such as CAPCOM, Square Enix, SEGA and KONAMI.

Ryan decided to go out of balance, talking about acquisition, while reiterating the reasons why with the freshly announced PlayStation Plus review, no games available today have arrived: Sony’s intention is to raise the level of the videogame experience with titles. more and more ambitious, and not to make ends meet to support a model that is difficult to bear if you do not have the infinite economic availability of Microsoft.

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