Pixel Watch makes space in the Google Store, new image reveals it in detail

Time will tell if they are coincidences or not. The fact is that when, finally, after years of waiting, the launch of the Pixel Watch now seems a matter of little, the Google virtual store is restructured. It is the curious aspect that leads us to think that the presentation of the first Mountain View smartwatch is imminent, since with the previous organization the Watch should have settled in the Pixel category, ending up a bit in the shadows.

Several aspects therefore lead us to think that the times are now ripe: not only does the Google Store get a new look, but also the renderings are starting to be more and more detailed (and frequent). Like the one published by Evan Blass in these very last hours.

We specify immediately that, at least as we write, the new organization is only about four branches of the Google Storenot that Italian which for now maintains the usual structure from April 2020 to this part. It could be, trivially, a question of timing, or a clue that Google Pixel Watch is, in fact, close to its debut in the US market and in a few others exclusively, retracing the steps of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro which, in a complex period for production due to the difficulties of supplying semiconductors and components, they had to proceed step by step.

Until a few hours ago the organization of the Google Store USA it was similar to the current one of the Italian store. Seven macro categories at the top, next to the company logo: Pixel, Nest, Stadia, Fitbit, Pixelbook, subscriptions And offers. Now, however, we have moved on from the division by product family to that for types: phones, watches, smart homes, games, laptops with “bonuses” subscriptions And offers.

To capture attention in the hottest moment ever for Pixel Watch is the second category, watches: inside there are Fitbit products that have been part of the Google family for some time, including in the not too distant future Google Pixel Watch should merge. The new layout of the Google Store features the US, UK, Germany and Japan portals, markets in which the first Big G smartwatch could debut in the first tranche of availability. Elsewhere, as in Italy, patience would be needed. By now, however, it surprises us little.


The render published by Evan Blass in collaboration with 91mobiles is decidedly concrete, even if not complete. We have to settle for the front part – strap excluded – which however allows us to appreciate the display with (very) curved edgesthe lateral crown andintegration with Fitbit services (central icon).

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