Pixel Watch is expected to offer over a day of battery life, more than the Galaxy Watch 4

On the possible aspect of Google Pixel Watch we have already been abundantly prepared by the latest rumors. The greatest number of unknowns is instead with regard to technical featuresa subject on which the colleagues of 9to5google.com citing internal sources.

First of all, it turned out that the first Google smartwatch should also have a version with data network supporttherefore with what presumably will be an integrated virtual SIM, so as to be independent from the smartwatch both as regards the GPS and for the internet connection.

A clue to this effect, albeit vague, had already arrived after the “visit” to the Bluetooth SIG in recent days which had anticipated the existence of three variants characterized by as many model numbers. Today’s indiscretion supports the assumption that the three existed to cover the different 4G or 5G frequencies of the various regions of the world where the watch will be marketed.


The second element that emerges from the sources of colleagues, on the other hand, is almost unpublished, and concerns an aspect that is quite important for a device of this type.

There drums integrated should have 300 mAh of capacityvery few if you consider that the 40 mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a 247 mAh one which, according to the company, guarantees up to 40 hours of autonomy: our field test (we tested the 42 mm, but the battery is identical ) highlighted a day and a night of “real” use, so, on paper, the Pixel Watch might as well do better.

The indiscretion would be corroborated by the larger size Compared to Samsung’s cousin: Pixel Watch should measure 4mm thicker (14mm) and weigh around ten grams more (36g). The unknowns remain on the performance in chargingbut the most accepted hypothesis is that Google’s watch can support wireless charging with Qi standards and speeds similar to competitors.

Some official clues should arrive on the Pixel Watch at the Google I / O scheduled for 11 and 12 May: the schedule of the developer event was unveiled a few days ago.

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