Pikmin Bloom is renewed with weekly challenges and other news

Following the process that also involved Pokémon GO in the past, Pikmin Bloom prepares for the arrival of weekly challenges starting Thursday April 28. These will be integrated into a new section called Activitieswhich will be accessible directly from the game’s home screen.

Within the Activities tab it will be possible to find the missions available for that week and players will be able to choose to take part in one of the proposed challenges. Once selected, this can be also shared with a group of friendsin order to create a group to be able to reach the set goal together.

In this way, a level of competition is also introduced within Pikmin Bloom, since at the end of the challenge it will be possible to see how much the various elements of the group have contributed. Of course some healthy competition is welcome and a little incentive for the players, but of course it’s not about competitive challenges like Pokémon GO’s PvP.

At the end of each weekly challenge, prizes will also be distributed both for participation and for completing the objectives. The first challenge that will be available from April 28 will consist in accumulating – overall – the amount of steps that will be required by this week’s theme, so you will have to walk a long time to succeed.

Among the other news available this week there are also the Pikmin decorated in Snack and Cap style, which can be obtained from the special maps that present the icon of a minimarket. In order to view them correctly, you need the latest version of the app – version 41 – which you can find on the App Store and Play Store.

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