Philips 2021 OLED TV: Upgrade for 4K 120Hz with full-resolution VRR

Philips will update i OLED TV 2021 OLED706, OLED806 and OLED856 series by enabling the Full Ultra HD resolution at 120Hz with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) active. To date, the aforementioned models can take advantage of VRR in Ultra HD at 120 Hz but with half the vertical resolution. Limitations of this type (or in any case concerning the resolution) have involved not only the Philips products: they were present on the Panasonic 2021 (later updated) and have also plagued TVs of other brands united by the use of SoC MediaTek on Android TV.

The most attentive and informed users will remember that the Philips 2021 range does not only include the three series mentioned at the beginning of the article. In the second half of the year, Philips had launched other higher-end televisions: OLED936 and OLED986, the OLED + lines equipped with an audio section developed in synergy with Bowers & Wilkins. According to the parent company, only OLED706, OLED806 and OLED856 will be able to show full resolution in Ultra HD at 120 Hz with active VRR.

Where does this difference come from? The three series that will receive the new software are equipped with a single P5 processor while OLED936 and OLED986 use dual P5 processors. The latter configuration was chosen to ensure the highest possible image quality: faced with the choice between top quality and Ultra HD at 120 Hz with full resolution active VRR, Philips opted for the former over the latter.

Owners of higher-end OLEDs can still enjoy games with active VRR at full resolution and refresh rate, but with half the actual resolution. For the models that will be updated, the opposite is true: you can view the VRR at the maximum operating level but giving up some processing that improves the video quality in other situations.

For 2022 Philips has already ensured that the new OLED807 series, equipped with OLED.EX technology, will support full resolution in Ultra HD at 120Hz with VRR. However, it is not certain whether it will do so from launch or if a firmware will be needed which, in the event, will arrive shortly. As for dual-chip platforms, Philips is evaluating whether there is in the future the possibility of preparing a solution to manage VRR at full resolution.

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