Petrol bonus of 200 euros for employees of private companies

The decree published in the Official Gazette against expensive energy, as we know, it is not just about cutting fuel excise duties. It contains a series of innovations designed to help certain sectors in difficulty due to the increase in energy costs. Still from the point of view of fuels, there is a novelty regarding the employees of private companies. It is about petrol vouchers up to 200 euros tax free for 2022, sold free of charge by private companies to employees. We read in the text of the decree:

For the year 2022, the amount of the value of petrol vouchers or similar securities sold free of charge by private companies to employees for the purchase of fuel, up to a limit of € 200 per worker, does not contribute to the formation of income pursuant to Article 51, paragraph 3, of the decree of the President of the Republic 22 December 1986, n. 917.

It is a measure meant for help commuters who work in companies to help them at a time when fuel prices are very high. Unlike other bonuses, it is not a government grant for the purchase of fuel. Therefore, we are talking about an incentive aimed at all those companies that already provide petrol vouchers to their employees or that intend to do so.

Petrol vouchers sold free of charge and which will not contribute to the formation of income thanks to the novelty introduced by the Government. Obviously, it is up to the companies to grant them. The support can be valid for all employees of companies, regardless of their role and income. It will not be necessary for the worker to submit any application. As mentioned, it will be up to the company to decide whether and to what extent to grant the bonus.

The novelty, let us recall once again, concerns only the employees of private companies. Therefore, it is not aimed at holders of VAT numbers or public employees.

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