Petrol and diesel, prices still rising. Filling up costs more and more

New alarm from the National Consumers Union on the prices of petrol and diesel in Italy. An increase that affects not only the budget of families but also businesses that see the costs of transport rise. According to the weekly data of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the petrol in self-service mode reaches 1,797 euros per liter and diesel fuel € 1,667 per liter. For gasoline, according to the association, this is a value that has not been reached since 11 March 2013. Massimiliano Donapresident of the National Consumers Union, comments:

Although gasoline according to official data from the ministry has not yet exceeded the threshold of 1.8 euros per liter, denying the widespread advances, it is a new record that, according to our analysis, had not been recorded since 11 March 2013. , almost 9 years ago, when it had reached € 1.804 per liter. The record has also been reached for diesel since 23 September 2013, when it was equal to 1.678 euros per liter.

Dona points out that a full tank of fuel costs more and more.

In just one week, the increase for a 50-liter tank is around 1 euro, 90 cents for petrol and 1 euro and 1 cent for diesel. In exactly one month, since the beginning of the year, a liter of petrol has increased by 7.71 cents, equal to 3 euros and 86 cents per full, diesel by 8.2 cents, equivalent to 4 euros and 10 cents for a refueling, equal to, respectively, 93 and 98 euros on an annual basis.

From the survey of February 1, 2021 when petrol was equal to 1.480 euros per liter and diesel at 1.351 euros per liter, the cost of a full tank of 50 liters has gone up by 15 euros and 84 cents for both petrol and diesel. A leap that is equivalent, on an annual basis, to a sting equal to 380 euros per year for both petrol and diesel.

Following these increases that weigh more and more on families and businesses, the association hopes for a rapid intervention by the Italian government.

The government can no longer wash its hands of it. Petrol, like electricity and gas, is triggering a very dangerous inflationary spiral, with harmful effects for the purchasing power and consumption of families, and therefore for the recovery in progress. For this reason, the next Council of Ministers must intervene by reducing excise duties by at least 20 cents, sterilizing the increases that are bleeding motorists.

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