Other than a tampon: here is the app that recognizes Covid from coughs

Is called ResApp and is developed by ResApp Health Limited, a leader in the digital health sector and specialized in the development of smartphone applications for the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases. The company announced that its own technology capable of recognizing respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or asthma has also been tested for Covid-19, and the results are very encouraging.

ResApp Health Limted, in fact, conducted a clinical study on a sample of 741 subjects, of which 446 were positive for the new coronavirus. And its application has proved to be a particularly effective tool in recognizing cases of positivity, with one 92% accuracy (which if confirmed by further studies would therefore exceed that guaranteed by rapid antigenic swabs), detecting both infections attributable to the Delta variant and those due to the Omicron variant with equal effectiveness.

But how does an app know if we are sick with Covid-19? The key is there sound screening technology developed by the company and capable, through the smartphone microphone and the machine learning, to recognize lung problems starting from the cough of the sick. With this, of course, the usefulness of the app is restricted to symptomatic cases of the disease: asymptomatic patients, who do not develop cough or pulmonary complications of any (by definition, in the absence of symptoms), are instead impossible to trace with methods other than tampons.

ResApp could prove to be a particularly useful tool in those contexts where Covid-19 tests are frequently requested and for a large number of people, such as the screening of employees, health professionals, students, or sports, entertainment contexts. general and for assistance to the elderly.

Tampons, we have seen in particular this winter with the surge in cases related to Omicron, constitute a logistical (endless files, clogged pharmacies) and environmental problem: in the near future, solutions such as ResApp, if they were to be deemed reliable and subsequently approved. for use on a large scale by the bodies in charge, they could prove to be crucial in managing some key and problematic aspects of the pandemic emergency in a more efficient and economical way.

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