OnePlus, what a 2022! All smartphones on the way (and there’s also a Nord smartwatch)

OnePlus had made it clear: 2022 will be a year full of surprises, even an unreleased product is expected every month from now on. And so far we can say that this is the step, given that smartphones such as OnePlus 10 Pro and Nord CE 2 5G have already made their official debut. The agenda will also be full of commitments in the coming months, the “confirmation” comes from a leaker with a good level of reliability like Yogesh Brar, who in a tweet listed what should await us from now to September.

One a month, it was said: and it will be so, according to rumors, even if not on a strictly monthly basis. According to the anticipations shared on the net, they will in fact be six smartphones that will be launched on the market from now to September. And we’re only talking about smartphones, because there could be more on the waiting list, starting with the Nord branded TWS earphones, the first images of which have already been seen. And under the same Nord brand could also fall a brand new smartwatchwith the hope that it will be more successful than its predecessor.

  • March: OnePlus 10 Pro. Not a real novelty, but the top-of-the-range smartphone that we saw and tried at the MWC in Barcelona will finally be offered on the international market, including Europe.

As anticipated, an unpublished work should also find its place smartwatch belonging to the Nord series, with the hope that success is greater than in the past. We know that:

  • it will have a price between 5,000 and 8,000 INR, approximately 60-95 euros
  • will be equipped with a color touch display
  • will integrate sensors for
    • heartbeat
    • SpO2
    • sleep monitoring
    • step count
  • could debut together with OnePlus Nord 3, therefore in July

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