OnePlus thinks big: two, six and eight plus among the top range candidates

If you think that OnePlus stops at the Nord 2T and 2 CE 5G smartphones, you are very wrong: the plans of the Chinese company are decidedly more substantial. The leaker Mukul Sharma has indeed found some “interesting registered trademarks“which refer to a series of devices – obviously – unpublished. These are the OnePlus models two plus, six plus And eight plus.

Difficult to make predictions and speculations, but we try anyway. Starting from the usual warning: patents and registered trademarks are everything and nothing, in the sense that they only represent the will of a company – OnePlus in this case – to guarantee the ownership of a certain technology or the commercial name of a potential product. before the competition does. Translated: everything could also result in a stalemate.

Having made this necessary premise, let’s try to understand what it is. No Nord series, that’s for sure, the reference goes to the denomination da flagship killer, reinforced among other things by that “plus“which suggests that the three smartphones could be top of the range. So the OnePlus portfolio would further expand, given that the debuts of the aforementioned Nord 2T and Nord 2 CE are already expected during this year, as well as Nord N20 5G and 10 Pro on the international market, including Italy.There is also talk of OnePlus 10 Ultra, a sort of 10 Pro equipped with a periscope lens.

There are those who say that it may not even be smartphones, there are those who think they are, and in particular that they are dedicated to gaming with top specifications on the processor side but some waivers – see camera – to keep the price calm.

In short, there is a lot of meat in the fire, and a lot, considering that until recently OnePlus had accustomed us to alone two launches per year (top of the range in the first part, version reinforced T in the second). The merger with Oppo makes itself felt more and more as time passes, not only from the software point of view, but also for what concerns the market strategies. And the marked differentiation of the offer seems to be the path taken (also) by OnePlus.

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