Oneplus Nord Buds ready to launch: images and specifications from the certification

The document issued by the American institution first of all confirms the commercial name: not OnePlus Nord TWS as it was said in the past but a more familiar one OnePlus Nord Buds. Then there are the images from which the type of earphones emerges, a hybrid between the classic Apple EarPods to be clear and the in ear, which suggests that the OnePlus Nord Buds, also to contain costs and therefore the price, do not they will have noise cancellation, or at most it will be hybrid like on the Buds Z.

The FCC certification enters into the merits of the capacity of the battery: from 480 mAh the one integrated in the charging case, from 41 mAh the one hidden in each earphone. The picture of the advances is completed by the USB-C cable supplied for charging and coloring: it seems that there will be no choice, the OnePlus Nord Buds will arrive only in black. It remains to be seen when they will arrive and on which markets: USA and India seem to be in the game, but they are likely to arrive in Europe as well, judging by the company’s past habits.

List price? It is reasonable to expect it to be lower than that of the OnePlus Buds Z2, launched at 99 euros.

In the opening image the OnePlus Buds Pro

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