OnePlus 10 Ultra might look like 10 Pro but with periscope lens

OnePlus 10 Ultra could have a similar design to that seen in the 10 Pro (opening photo), but a little more sophisticated, especially as regards the main camera module: on Twitter, the leaker TechInsider has published in recent days a series of schematic drawings which, according to him, come from a “design patent” filed by the company in September 2021. Approximately, we can say that it is essentially a variant of the Pro with periscope lens at the bottom of the module – which is also a bit wider to make room for the LED flash to the right of the two lenses at the top.

There are no concrete elements to establish a correlation between this patent and OnePlus 10 Ultra, but it is a rather plausible hypothesis, given that the periscopic zoom has become one of the main discriminating factors of Ultra models in most of the top-of-the-range families of the last period. Previous rumors indicate that the smartphone may also be equipped with one NPU developed “in house” – to be precise, it was created by OPPO: it’s called MariSilicon X and debuted at the end of last year on the AR OPPO Air Glass glasses. It should arrive in the smartphone sector thanks to the upcoming Find X5 flagship, also from OPPO.

In short, if we also have to wait for the release of Find X5, it is legitimate to assume that the launch of this elusive OnePlus 10 Ultra (assuming it exists, and that it is called that, of course) is still quite distant. Indeed this year the strategy of the Chinese company is proving rather peculiar: the 10 Pro has already been available for a few days (weeks now) in China, but for Europe and the rest of the world in general, it will probably be talked about in the spring. The “normal” 10 has not been announced but is expected to arrive in the summer.

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