OnePlus 10 Pro, the verdict of DxOMark between light and shadow: it improves, but far from the “top”

OnePlus 10 Pro does photos and videos quite better than the predecessor, but it remains far from the top. In a nutshell, this is the verdict that comes out of the analysis on the photographic sector conducted by the DxOMark team, and it is essentially the same one we arrived at during our review, published in recent days. Probably we will have to wait for OnePlus 10 Ultra to take that step that is still missing from the parts of Shenzhen, but the Ultra project is not yet officially confirmed and the premium positioning of the Pro leads to comparison with the best.

In the comparison with OnePlus 9 Pro DxOMark underlines the improvements in the reproduction of skin tone with the telephoto lens – probably thanks to a better understanding with the partner Hasselblad – but at the same time also of the step back on the ultra wide camera that captures less detailed and noisy images. The OnePlus 10 Pro cameras scored 127 points, ranking 26th in the overall standings and 22nd in the restricted one to the segment ultra premium.


DxOMark compared OnePlus 10 Pro with iPhone 13 Pro Maxnoting that the designers have identified a good balance between details and noise level in the photos, but on the other hand there is to be improved on HDR in precarious light conditions, in the speed of the point and shoot and in the quality of the portraits. DxOMark points out that both could be expected to have telephoto lenses with a longer focal length: the competition offers optical zooms of up to 10x, while OnePlus 10 Pro, like the iPhone, stays on 3x.

On the front of the video the distance is considerable, if only because, in the opinion of DxOMark, iPhone 13 Pro Max is the absolute best. The biggest shortcomings stem from HDR and lack of detail.


OnePlus 10 Pro photos are only slightly lower to those of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on most occasions, according to DxOMark. Major differences in color reproduction, where the Samsung top highlights a better white balance, and in the photos at night, the prerogative of S22 Ultra. On images captured with the camera ultra wide and with the telephoto lens instead the advantage of the latter is more evident, if only for the higher level of zoom (the Samsung has a 3x tele and another, a periscope, 10x) and detail (in ultra wide).

Side videothe 4 points more of the S22 Ultra are justified by better exposure, HDR, colors and focus than the OnePlus 10 Pro.


DxOMark has also carefully analyzed the performance of OnePlus 10 Pro on the audio front, an area on which the top of the Chinese range he did not stand out positively: 56th in the general classification and 27th in the bracket ultra premium with an overall score of 66 points.

Now playing: good tonal balance and good artifact handlingRecording: good tool in quiet environments, good management of artifacts
Playing: Poor audio qualityIn recording: flaw in dynamics, not suitable for recording loud music like at a concert


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