OnePlus 10 Pro ready to debut in Europe, here’s how much it will cost

Waiting for the “space” launch of OnePlus 10 Pro, the only information we still lack about the smartphone is the price to which it will be offered on the European market. We know everything about him, since he has been official in China for a couple of months, and in Barcelona we also had the opportunity to try him by sharing our first impressions with you. And then there is the classic marketing strategy of the company, which constantly keeps the interest on the product alive while waiting for the global debut with insights on social networks and on the forum pages.

Said this: how much will it cost from us? Because it would be easy to take the Chinese price and convert it into euros, but we know that the figure would be distorted, either because there are no taxes, or because there are different markets taken as a reference (in this case China and Europe), with purchasing power different and many other factors that affect the final calculation. The fact is that in the Asian country it ranges from 4,699 to 5,299 yuan, or 672-758 euros at the current exchange rate. And for Europe there is MediaMarkt to provide us with a useful preview.

It is precisely the well-known electronic chain – in Italy it is present with the MediaWorld brand – to give us a first indication: the model with 128GB and 8GB of RAM is in fact present in the catalog at 899 euros.

The page is online complete with official images and technical characteristics. If we still had some doubts about the correspondence of the European model with the Asian one, now we can dispel it by checking each specification one by one. One note: ColorOS will be replaced by the well-established OxygenOS. In short, from this point of view, let’s not expect surprises.

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