Official Samsung Bespoke Jet: powerful electric broom that you “like”

Samsung expands the range Bespoke with Jeta cordless electric broom “with an iconic design that combines performance, autonomy and attention to hygiene in all phases of product use”. Attention to design is the common thread that unites the products that already carry the Bespoke label – only some refrigerators in Italy, in addition to Galaxy Z Flip3 – to the new electric broom, which due to its design was awarded at the CES Innovation Awards 2021.

A 360 ° innovation and design that continue the Home Appliance customization path carried out by Samsung. Bespoke Jet is part of the Bespoke range of the Brand, characterized by innovative colors and fine finishes, capable of giving a touch of style to any domestic space. Bespoke Jet is available in three trendy colors – Midnight Blue, Misty White and Woody Green – designed to integrate elegantly into any home environment.


Samsung Bespoke Jet, however, is not just aesthetics, on the contrary. It is equipped with a five-level filter system which, according to internal tests, retains 99.999% of dust and allergens. Obviously, all the components and filters of the electric broom can be cleaned and sanitized. Very comfortable there Integrated Clean Station: once the suction is finished, putting Jet back in its housing, the Clean Station automatically empties the tank, trapping the dust and at the same time recharges the battery.

The attention to design did not compromise that for performance. Which are high: it has a well-equipped Digital Inverter motor 210 watts of suction power, despite weighing 47% less than the motor used by Jet 90, the flagship electric broom of the Samsung range (which, moreover, does not exceed 200 watts). The lightness of the motor has contributed to making Bespoke Jet one of the lightest and most manageable electric brooms: in fact, it weighs just 1.44 kg.


Samsung Bespoke Jet comes with a new model of Scrubbing brush, which allows you to wash or polish hard surfaces. You can choose whether to use the microfiber cloths together with the spray function – the water is sprayed from the front of the brush – or the humidified and scented disposable cloths for faster cleaning. There’s a LCD display which provides a lot of information: suction power level, residual autonomy, indications on any critical issues such as clogging, objects stuck in the brush or missing filters, and guide to solving the problem.

The all-in-one rechargeable vacuum cleaner has a battery that guarantees up to 60 minutes of use. By purchasing a second battery, the two they can also be recharged at the same time thanks to the second charging station, and Samsung guarantees that its batteries after 5 years of use maintain the 70% performance they had when new.

We know that cleanliness and hygiene have become a primary need for consumers, together with the desire for solutions tailored to their lifestyle; this is why we have created a product that combines extraordinary cleaning performance with an elegant, ultra-light and ergonomic design – declared Daniele Grassi, Vice President Home Appliances Samsung Electronics Italia. Samsung Bespoke Jet not only guarantees impeccable floors by avoiding the dispersion of impurities in the air, but with its unique design it is able to enrich any room in the house.


The price of Samsung Bespoke Jet is not “light”, but the target audience, in light of the specifications, might also find it acceptable: 999 euros at launch, with the option of pre-order one immediately and receive in gift (until March 28) a pair of Galaxy Buds Live headphones from 169 euros in the price list or wait for the availability to purchase set for April 1.

Two other configurations are proposed:

  • Bespoke Jet pro extra with two batteries (up to two hours of autonomy) and Spray Spinning Sweeper: 1,149 euros
  • Bespoke Jet complete extra two batteries (up to two hours of autonomy) and Slim Action Brush: 1,149 euros.

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