Nobody wants the NFT of the first tweet!

The first tweet in history in the form of NFT it had cost Sina Estavi $ 2.9 million. And now that he wants to resell it, nobody buys it, at least at the price at which it is proposed. That 50 million dollars are they perhaps a little exaggerated?

Yet the Iranian crypto-entrepreneur had decided to allocate half of the proceeds to charity (as well as the $ 2.9 million collected by former CEO Jack Dorsey with the sale). Of the 50 million hoped for, 25 would go to good works (“why not 99%?“, wrote Jack Dorsey in response to the tweet with which Estavi announced the sale), the other 25 to his blockchain business. And he would also need it, given that following the arrest his two companies CryptoLand and Bridge Oracle have started sailing in dire straits.

The first tweet in history. But how much will it really be worth?

On OpenSea the maximum bid is 2 ETH, equivalent to $ 6,222.36. But there are those who wanted to put just 6.22 dollars on the plate. From the series: the first tweet in history is paper NFT shreds. And this can also be seen from the only 22 total offers received to date. So much so that the entrepreneur has decided to temporarily abandon the idea of ​​selling, with the intention of proposing it again when a concrete earning opportunities. Rather than losing 99.999%, better keep this NFT.

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