Nissan unveils Ground Truth Perception, a new driver assistance technology

Nissan is investing heavily in the development of ADAS systems with the aim of improving the safety of its cars and reducing the risk of accidents. Specifically, as part of the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan, the Japanese automaker is developing vehicle control technology, based on the latest generation LIDARs, called Ground Truth Perception which should be ready by 2025.

Once available, it will be integrated across all Nissan models by 2030.

The manufacturer says that this technology he is developing integrates information from car sensors in real time like LiDARs, the latest generation radars and cameras, to obtain a quick and accurate reading of the surrounding environment. Furthermore, it will be possible to detect with extreme precision the shape and distance of the objects encountered along the way.

Ground Truth Perception then uses an algorithm that processes instantly all this information, it evaluates and automatically operates the car’s steering and brakes for avoid a possible collision. Nissan also adds that this new technology can detect slowed traffic and distant road obstacles and then perform appropriate maneuvers.

To advance the development of this new technology, Nissan is partnering with several major companies working in this field. For example, LiDARs are of Luminar and Nissan is working with this company to integrate them into its cars. In addition, Nissan is working with Applied Intuition, a pioneer in simulation technology, to develop highly accurate verification technology in the digital environment.

A very interesting project, therefore. There is still a long way to go before this new technology is ready to debut on cars. Surely there will be a way to learn a lot more about how it works over time. Takao AsamiSenior Vice President, Global Research and Development, commented:

It is important for customers to feel safe in their car, and as we look to the future of autonomous driving, we believe Nissan’s Ground Truth Perception technology will make a significant contribution to this.

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