NIO points to Europe for battery swap and opens up to electric cars from other manufacturers

The first station of NIO for the exchange of batteries for electric cars dates back to four years ago. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Shanghai manufacturer has now acquired a great deal of experience in the field, so much so that it is considered the undisputed leader in the sector. Battery swap is growing rapidly, especially in China where there are more than 800 stations, with the ambition of being equally successful in the Old Continent (starting with Norway).

And it seems that NIO’s desire to expand has led it to the decision – or at least the idea – of open its battery exchange stations to other car manufacturers: the goal is to conquer the US and European markets through a solution that many (including Tesla) have in the past tried to make economically sustainable but that only NIO was really able to propose on a large scale.

The Financial Times reports the words of the European president of NIO, according to which meetings with other Chinese and European brands are in progress. If business plans are adhered to, by 2025 the number of battery swap stations will increase from 800 to 5,000 in all the world (1,000 more than last year’s forecasts), of which 1,000 outside China. First we will focus on Europe, then later on the US market.

After Norway, NIO will install its stations in Germany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark already by the end of this year, and to follow also in UK. Obviously they will not be missing problems: for the system to be compatible with cars of other brands, the batteries installed and the platform must be the same as those used by NIO (or at least compatible in size and architecture). And this is already a major problem. In addition, a 650MW connection is required at each station to charge at least 13 batteries.

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